Norge møter Barbados i Davis Cup fredag 6. mars kl. 17:00 og lørdag 7. mars kl. 14:00 på Oslo Tennisarena. Du kan kjøpe og velge dine billetter via Vipps ved å gå inn på "Kjøp og betal" til Norges Tennisforbund eller nummeret 115879. Billettene kan hentes ved egen skranke ved ankomst kampdag på OTA. Husk at du må fremvise kvitteringen ved henting av billetter! Les for øvrig om dine rettigheter som billetthaver i Ticketing Terms and Conditions under. OBS! Det er begrenset med plasser og det går ikke an å reservere seter.

Gå inn på "Kjøp og betal" til Norges Tennisforbund eller nummeret 115879 på Vipps!

Ticketing Terms and Conditions

The ticket holder hereby agrees to comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein and required by Norges Tennisforbund, hereafter NTF, of the Davis Cup.

  • This ticket is a personal revocable licence, is not transferable and may not be resold. The PM reserves the right to revoke the licence granted by this ticket, with or without cause, by refunding the purchase price. No pass-outs or re-admittance are allowed.

  • The Ticket Holder assumes all risks and dangers incidental to attendance at the Event, whether occurring prior to, during, or after a session.

  • All ticket sales for the Event are final, without refund or exchange. The Ticket Holder is responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen tickets.

  • Tickets may not be issued for advertising, promotional, including contests and sweepstakes, or other trade purposes.

  • The Ticket Holder consents to careful search and inspection for and, or, confiscation of prohibited items. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to bottles, cans, alcoholic beverages, signs, broadcast quality video or motion picture cameras and recorders, camera lenses exceeding 300mm in focal length, umbrellas, fireworks and smoke bombs. Persons under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to enter the licenced premises.

  • The Ticket Holder must not carry into the licenced premises any political, promotional or advertising material or signage which can be seen by others at the Event.

  • Ticket Holders are not permitted to distribute literature or other materials or to sell or distribute merchandise at the licenced premises.

  • By entering the Event venue, the Ticket Holder consents to being photographed, filmed and recorded in or around the Event venue. The Ticket Holder grants irrevocable permission to the NTF, its assignees, licensees, commercial partners and media agencies to use in their sole discretion any such film, image or recording, including the Ticket Holder’s voice, image and likeness, for any purpose including broadcasting and commercial purposes without compensation or further notice.

  • The date and time of any Event session is subject to change without notice. In the event of cancellation, any processing and handling fees are not refundable. The Ticket Holder is reminded that the event is a sporting event, and is subject to variation without notice, e.g. adverse weather conditions, player injury, etc. The event is played subject to the Event’s Regulations, as found on the ITF’s website,, as well as any variations or trials that may be in place, and the Promoter or National Association shall have no liability to the Ticket Holder where the Event is varied pursuant to those Regulations. In particular, the Ticket Holder’s attention is drawn to the “dead rubber policy” which is applied when the tie is won in less than five matches, aka rubbers. Pursuant to that policy, the Ticket Holder accepts that the actual number of matches played on the second day may not reflect the advertised number of matches.

  • If any dispute arises regarding a ticket or attendance at the event, the holder agrees to submit the dispute to binding arbitration in Oslo in accordance with the rules of the Arbitration Association of Norway.

  • No ticket holder or spectator may collect, disseminate, transmit, publish or release from the grounds of the tie any match scores or related statistical data during match play, from the commencement of a match until its conclusion, for any commercial or gambling purposes.

  • No person, other than a person who holds an appropriate license from ITF Licensing, UK Ltd. may bring into the Event venue or use within the Event venue any equipment which is capable of logging, recording, transmitting or otherwise communicating, by digital or other means, any audio, visual or audio-visual material or any information or data in relation to the Event or the Event venue. Copyright in any unauthorised recording or transmission is assigned to ITF Licensing, UK Ltd. For the avoidance of doubt, mobile telephones and other mobile devices are permitted within the Event Venue provided that: a. they are used for personal and private use only, and not during match play; and b. no material of moving images containing any match action that are captured by a mobile telephone or other mobile device may be published or otherwise made available to any third parties including, without limitation, via social networking sites.